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    Feng xiaogang LiuZhenYun novel the temperature to shoot is a wallop of 1942


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     Feng xiaogang LiuZhenYun novel the temperature to shoot is a wallop of 1942 Empty Feng xiaogang LiuZhenYun novel the temperature to shoot is a wallop of 1942

    Post  babycanread123 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:04 am

    Yesterday afternoon, feng xiaogang, LiuZhenYun and huayi President WangZhongLei guest sina together, to uncover is organizing feng xiaogang veil - is new feng said want to shoot countless times, according to LiuZhenYun novel, "wen so 1942".true blood dvd
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      the temperature of 1942 LiuZhenYun is published in 1993, is the novel, tells the 1942, henan because a drought starve to death three million of the past. Feng xiaogang recalled, he first saw the novel is in 1994, was the Summer Palace and wang wrote together "a sigh, the novel is the script of the recommended he see shuo4, seen later, he had initiation of the" put the it made into a film of intense desire ". From 1994 to 2001, feng has been looking for investors, until 2001 met huayi brothers. Feng's proposed investment is 30 million, that at that time is an astronomical figures. From then on, they "on the filming of" the journey of temperature so 1942."Sons of Anarchy on dvd

      feng xiaogang, "wen said is the script of 1942 until now for 10 years, during this period, LiuZhenYun continuously revised script, WangZhongLei also constantly estimates market, now finally market mature, can begin to the film. Feng xiaogang to believe, the temperature of the audience is the impact of 1942 far above the likely rally number "and" the tangshan earthquake ".
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      the temperature so the shock of feng xiaogang of 1942, he is very very big week, said: "I when director for this, but since the script, has always had a strong forgetten the desire, even in my alive, must put it to clap out."
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      "temperature so 1942" such a survey body novel for the script is not simple, feng xiaogang LiuZhenYun walked along with the journey that ChongZou displaced people again. In two months, the way they pull out of the story framework. LiuZhenYun said, novel is investigating body, originally only matter, no one, and the film must have character, the character is produced in the way of one.
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      WangZhongLei said, that year spend million investment film is the limit, imagine how much 30 million, "now we put the original budget increase for four times in the 150 million, hope in the budget to shoot the film." But in feng's opinion, 1.5 billion is not enough, for 1.5 million investment need 4 billion to 4.5 million box-office can're on deuce, so you can't say no risk. In his scheme, the temperature so 1942 "want to clap 5 months, at least three and a half months to four months of filming was need every day hundreds of all present extras, all these need money, but also build 1942 luoyang station, chongqing jiangxin airport... Press LiuZhenYun saying that "10 years of shanxi and henan to CaiJing, 1942 May be some scenery in this year, we still go to these places CaiJing, no."
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      according to the introduction, the temperature so the main current of 1942 already finished watching the scene are all necessary to build, the result is all, because imaging can't find, are now doing paperwork, rushed atmosphere figure and making figure, strive to 5 months into construction phase. "About next year's summer, the film with the audience can meet... I believe that won't let you down." Feng xiaogang said.Clint Eastwood: 35 Movies 35 Years dvd

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