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    D hip-hop movie dance force into confrontation on June release of the summer season


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    D hip-hop movie dance force into confrontation on June release of the summer season Empty D hip-hop movie dance force into confrontation on June release of the summer season

    Post  babycanread123 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:05 am

    Global first 3D movie "dance hip-hop confrontation" is expected to force in early June the national theater. Landfall Depending on the pictures issuer music introduction, as the summer season only real 3D movies, "confrontation" journey from the dance force 3D cameras filming independently, is a real 3D movies. It also defeated Susan aunt British expert show champions Diversity (diversified portfolio) screen debut. 3D, hip-hop and Britain mixed build our trend is expected to lead the success of duel into dance force the summer season film war.
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    The first real 3D hip-hop movie world

    Hip-hop movement dazzle beautiful, is popular among young people. The past 2D camera is difficult to capture the essence of the dance moves, the first use of force against dance photography technology extends the audience 3D vision: the close-up of dazzle cruel in real action may see more in the dance floor and prospect appear more brood, which caused multi-layer senses new experience, new enjoy more accessible, let the audience is a budding impulse. The verified confrontation "dance force 3D technology is breakthrough movie forms of visual limit past, the art of movies to present the way further forward.Disney Classic Cartoon Series Collection Box Set

    Expert show champions king touched down

    According to the music, the dance on pictures introduced the biggest attraction of force duel except the first real 3D is global, its star outside hip-hop movie squad is admirably. The film hip-hop combination, two teams Diversity (diversified portfolio) and Fearless (perfect combination) are world-renowned top hip-hop on British soil is superior, the most popular Cenozoic street trend culture spokesman. Among them, the familiar by Chinese audience is 2009, and eventually defeated Susan aunt crowned champions of the British expert show Diversity (diversified portfolio), expert show in China last year in play and the brilliant final win multitudinous Chinese fans for their enthusiasts, "dance in their confrontation" was also force after the first shooting award.
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    The dance of 3D summer against leading force file
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    According to music controller introduces, the visual pictures confrontation "dance force issued when released in the UK who reach beyond the scale of o and setting similar film box-office highs. At present, the "confrontation" dance force in early June in China at the beginning of mass is scheduled for release. In the party "and" transformers achieves 3 ", "harry potter 7" strong piece stacks of 2011, "dance the summer season, will first try confrontation" force of water.
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