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    Post  babycanread123 on Tue May 10, 2011 1:47 am

    The British da "(Britain 's Got Talent) is the ITV (ITV) draft program, programs have all kinds of participants such as singer and dancer, magicians, comedian, no age. From June 9th 2007 chun a year in order to explore the broadcast spare performance talents British. The winner except can get 10 million pounds prize outside, still can be in Liverpool at the British royal imperial theater, variety show in the queen Elizabeth ii performed before and royals.
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    "American idol" than civilian diversification

    Program mode and American popular talent show American of native design works. Participants performances, three evaluation in if anyone does not want to watch it will press the buzzer and flash "X" lamp, as long as three evaluation are lights were eliminated represents participants, must immediately stop acting. This program originally than the premiere of the American date should be as' s da "(Got Talent) earlier, but because one of the producers and ITV rampage, so make programs postponed the launch.The Simpsons dvd
    The British "(and the American da da") and "American Idol" (as the biggest difference is the Idol), the British da "is" not a singer, "came talents, dancers, have magic, also have comedian, only contestants thinks he has the certain performance talent, can participate in the competition, no age limit, so there are a lot of children and the elderly also dare to try. And "American idol" is singing songs show, purpose was to record companies discover good singer, so has 16-28-year-old contestants age limit. So the British da "apparently compare" diversity "some, and many players are more" civilian "traits.
    Draft process:

    Auditions: contestants must do in many producers first performance before. For the next several weeks, players will be notice whether can enter the judges draft link.
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    The preliminaries: through the auditions in front of the judges contestants will only a minute, they come to impress the judges. If the judges don't like the program, he can at any time button called performance. If the three judges have a button, players must terminate performance. The judges, and decided to comment on whether the semi-finals, players can win two of the judges agreed to players can be confirmed. Were invited to watch the audience's views on draft decisions of the judges will also have an impact.
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    Semi-final: players will was summoned to London, the judges are divided into groups to meet. The jury told them, and they have the semi-final stage. The semi-final programs is live, each season several semi-final. Every semi-final have several programs, the judges can perform at the midway button. Termination performance After completion of the performance for the judges, it will influence to comment on the decision. The audience Each of the players will be akbar hashemi rafsanjani, second, to the final three players will face a jury selection. The judges will vote for their favorite players into the final.
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    Final: final is live on television, with several semi-final for the promotion of digital competitors. The judges can also button terminated performance. They also comment on player performance. Finally by viewers vote won by who call.Boston Legal dvd

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