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    Post  babycanread123 on Thu May 12, 2011 2:32 am

    Content abstract:
    This is a scientific genius "with" the sitcom for background, this fall is very rare. Leonard (JohnnyGalecki hero, "Roseanne") and Sheldon (Jim Parsons "JudgingAmy") is a pair of good friends, their IQ absolute superiority, because they proficient in quantum physics theory, familiar with every field problem. But said to daily life, the two lightly-regulated boy thoroughly lost temper - life daily necessities these seemingly simple things, but let them have lost in space, the same feeling they grasp these scientific principle in here, there is no I met your mother dvd Until one day, next door to move to a beauty sexy girl Penny, immediately attracted Leonard's gaze. Penny is a dream to become an actor girl, but there has been no can succeed, usually can only work in the restaurant, she personality, cheerful, and friendly, Leonard, Sheldon is a different pursuit vogue young man, and most importantly - she has recently become single.
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    Leonard and Sheldon and two good friends. Think of a playboy Wolowitz Howard, who said he is at the California institute of technology "casanova" (1725-1798-1857, Italy adventurer, to write including many of his secret affair called autobiography is known, then this word has been extended to "romantic prodigal son, lech"), can use six languages in the bubble, the Mars exploration program for the United States are (like invited a girl to Mars in the second quarter, therefore, sparked a minor accident, regret to and "Mars the title of" life discoverer unforced), actually is but a like take some Howard says the younger sister of outdated means, most of the time his guy the sister gimmick all let them feel sick. Rajesh from India Koothrappali suffering from severe "and heterosexual contacts disabilities," a heterosexual are present he couldn't speak, only in drunk after (ps: psychological barriers) can freely and girl exchanges.Mad Men DVD
    A beauty and four scientific igawa's story so quietly started playing in laughter...

    - card budding Kaley Cuoco concerning the secco /, playing
    Penny (19 zhang) actress, blonde, sexy American sweetheart. The waitress if The Cheesecake. The role of cultural degree and IQ and compared several roles before, obviously not an level. However, it is also to have a slightly ordinary people nerd in the middle, Disney movies dvd
    can foil a these nerd genius. Character cheerful, lively hospitable, enthusiasm is typical of American girl next door. She is a normal and IQ is not high but social skills sound ordinary people, for Sheldon those high IQ caustic statements completely unable to reaction, for Howard and indecency accosted detest, Leonard has a funny ambiguous relationship. She deal with science in the process of weirdo door gradually becomes vivid and lovely, when never listen to don't understand physical sense to others she hauled a few words such as "schrodinger cat" to DaHaHa, had been those abstruse abstruse lines get befuddled we not only will laugh.
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    P.S: warm and cheerful to grumpy, had a quarrel is like a mad lioness (Leonard has described her as The gamma ray radiation on Bruce class. Usually beautiful as gentle, once outbreak became The Hulk), but is still a relatively high EQ (in other words is normal person) and The good girls. Been in many handsome tall and rich but character is very poor boyfriend, ended in failure... Another: for Sheldon and Howard she didn't suffer, but severely against...true blood dvd
    Clad habits: sexy, feminine clothing. Usually at home to wear a sexy condole belt and brightly colored or with cartoon shorts. Dating or attend important occasions would dress up comparative delicate. Work to wear uniform.
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