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    Plot is introduced:
    Nikita was once a character rebellious girl, because the problem was executed committed a felony. A secret spy agencies will be nikita from dead nikita posters (4 copies) saved the dungeon, forged her death, will she trained became a spy and assassin. Disney dvd collection
    In the heat of the moment, "organization" betrayed nikita. Nikita it realized, she thinks the world's only can believe that people cheating on her, make her heart-break so she left the organization. After three years in hiding, nikita suddenly to recreate river's lake, the employer before launch ruthless revenge - she is determined to win at all costs expose their plot, destroying the secret tree hill dvd
    Organizations will not perish, when nikita leave, they will recruit a batch of new, will they trained as a top killer. Among them, Shane · West (West) plays Shane Michael (Michael) is an organization dedicated to chase nikita group in the director, except him in this group, and Melinda clark (Clarke) plays the challenge: Amanda (Amanda,), she specifically responsible use of advantages seduce the enemy; women Aaron Stanford (Aaron Stanford), the play group Birkhoff), Berkshire hoff (he is a loving red bull drinks and potato chips computer expert. In addition, mountain DE baker Xander Berkeley) plays the head Percy posey (organization).24 dvd
    The French film "according to 1990 Femma girl" (La 'Nikita), 1993 U.S. reversioning film "Nikita: version" (never turn back the Point of No pressing) and 1997 jointly made by the United States and Canada the television series "Nikita girl" (La Femme Nikita) an adaptation. Among them, the television series "nikita girl" in the American USA network and Canadian CTV television has broadcast season five episodes, ended in 2001 96. "Nikita girl" and "two-sided female spy" (Alias) and called "contemporary the most outstanding women spy drama", is the follow-up similar episodes standards and templates.
    2010 CW network a remake of the nikita "television series with the original movie and exist only loosely, almost no direct contact related plot points. Therefore, not familiar with the original movie or TV set audience won't happen "understanding disorder."the office dvd
    In "on the new" nikita, nikita (Maggie Q play) once was a character rebellious, feral difficult untrained girl, for committing a felony punishable by the federal court. A secret spy agencies will suffer from death row, forged rescued nikita, of her death gives her "rebirth" opportunities. Nobody know the spy agency true history, only that it is called "organization" (Division). "Organization" tell nikita: want to live, but she must be for her motherland hard. But they didn't tell nikita, she will be trained to be a spy, an assassin.House MD dvd
    The film is following the vampire diaries "later, the United States launched a CW television bourne war TV series, adapted from the French director LvKeBei pine for the classic in 1990 -" nikita girl ". Also in the first film Maggie Q starred in the United States was invited and bear the main character of the TV series.The Tudors dvd

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