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    Russian man lake fish up 2.4 kilograms piranhas locals often swim


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    Russian man lake fish up 2.4 kilograms piranhas locals often swim

    Post  babycanread123 on Wed May 18, 2011 1:47 am

    A Russian man recently in a residents often went to swim lake fishing, fish up a weighed 2.4 kilograms of large piranhas, cause authorities wary.true blood dvd
    According to the report, the named Stanislav Chukunov Charlie library panov (the man lived in Russia) southern patagonian Thai scottie city (Bataisk), recently he Cuban river area (a lakes Kuban) fish up a 2.4 kilograms heavy piranhas.Disney movies dvd
    The report pointed out that generally speaking, piranhas, but only 1 kilogram this the 2.4 kilograms heavy piranhas may be locals breeding "pet", do not want to raise and throw it into the lake.
    According to introducing, piranhas (Piranha) the Piranha, ogre family, is South America the carnivorous weights freshwater fish. They usually 15-25 cm long, the longest length reach 40 centimeters. Piranhas have sharp teeth, a group of fish in 10 minutes to eat a live ox with only a bones.Disney dvd collection
    The lakes are due to Russia local residents often swim locations, place the government decided to send investigators search lake are more piranhas. If in the lake to find piranhas, may ordered to shut down the lake, protecting residents life tree hill dvd
    Catch piranhas man has put the fish handed over to the local fish research scholar. A Marine biologist points out, this article piranhas before being put in the lake in, might already be kept in the aquarium 2 -- 3 years.24 dvd

    In this also remind next authority safety is very important, please everybody anytime, anywhere, pay attention to your safety.

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