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    The single men and women ": pretty love customs clearance game HanHao months


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    The single men and women ": pretty love customs clearance game  HanHao months Empty The single men and women ": pretty love customs clearance game HanHao months

    Post  babycanread123 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:06 am

    The single men and women "is such a movie: in theaters, can see while clapping, coming out of the cinema think carefully, in fact also nothing. Clapping because, film and lively as flowing clouds, on average three or four minutes have a burden reveal; After see think nothing to say, the truth also is very simple, already don't believe in love for the us, this tenuous acme love story, how might happen in reality?Doctor Who series 5 dvd

    Also, can make a pretty only Chinese romance clap so like a grain of smell beans, the single men and women "have in common gangster film narrative theory that rude, often in the works with wong of latter-day colour SOB and exaggeration, have ang lee common emotional ethical film fine and entanglements.NCIS Season dvd

    The plot of the film Settings and characters, always beyond your shape for some romantic love story imagination, movies with similar in black humor means open love joke, make a mockery of love ridiculous, infantile side, this kind of taunt with a little bit heartless, also appearing some warmth, accord with literature "from life and higher than the creation of life" in fictional works criteria, feel the love, is a dying that many people in this movie, pretty willing to help you finished this desire.
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    Use of the single men and women to sense of creation of right and wrong judgment is funny, this is a nation founded on the very reason, such as the story above, how can a executives am every day doing nothing, the color memo in waste company posted cartoon and opposite window office girls flirt? With an ugly matchless horned frog, Daniel prodigal back, not only should quit wine and return to design a reappearance architectural design masters style? Two big handsome film end to marry GaoYuanYuan competes, is completely the lens was overslept, fortunately am a "returned to earth", you don't have to tell the audience movie really, this is just a director play live just flowers.
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    The single men and women "carnival type entertainment veiled their surface also serious problem, say simply, the question is: what kind of man is good men? After the prince didn't change before, wu is sloppy, decadent, no ambition of man, only in GaoYuanYuan on after the end of a relationship to his lonely affection, somewhat when in the forms of financial industry elite, is undoubtedly the most appropriate am - if the candidate new wit not so flower heart words financial industry. Give up, not equal to GaoYuanYuan am doesn't love his, but for a woman's instinct, chose the relatively much be loyal wu. So, the single men and women "actually told a emotionally is the theme of the story, it tells female audience, what kind of marriage is the most practical.
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    The story of GaoYuanYuan in film, tells the man usually in the "choice of difficult", men in the "white rose" and "red rose" dilemma, women encounter between fronts, they choose the state of mind can present chipped. The single men and women "pretty through exploring aspects in the female mental NiuDao, he was GaoYuanYuan will be shaped the great love, women viewers for women or will the real female mental movie to present and big shout smash.
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    The single men and women "is part of light entertainment popcorn movie", not "seeking associated with love heavy things, love games features had replaced its vicissitudes of life, meaningful, like playing computer games is same, customs clearance process after his brilliant and exciting, customs clearance, everybody cannot avoid that kind of boring and loss.Clint Eastwood movies collection

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