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    Post  babycanread123 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:50 am

    Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem, usually, people always think this kind of person can't be successful in doing anything. But, instead, this unlucky man has achieved lots of incredible success, he is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire! ncis dvd
      In the contention of the best picture of the 67th Oscar Award in 1995, film <Forrest Gump> Have got six Grand Prixes , such as the best picture , the best actor , the best achievement in directing , adapting drama , the best achievement in film editing and the best visual effect bestly ,etc. at one blow . One Tree Hill DVDThe film was passed to a intellectual disturbance person the description of life has reflected every aspect of U.S.A.'s life, important incident of social political life make and represent to these decades such as U.S.A. from one unique angle. Film adapt Winston ? novel of the same name of Groom since. Only the original work is that one is full of fantastic novels with a satiric flavour, sons of anarchy dvd
    but the film modifies and beautifies the story. Have abandoned the absurdity of the original work and revealed that satirizes meaning , have added a kind of tender feeling for the film. This undoubtedly makes the film suit audience and judging panel's taste even more, but has sacrificed the struggle spirit of the rebel of the original work , make the film become one kind and idealize ethical symbol . Dexter dvd
      Forrest Gump mould incarnation of virtue is honest keeping one's word , conscientiously , brave paying attention to emotioning among film. In the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jenny has become the degenerate symbol . And write the great discrepancy originally in this. To all that narrated, since beginning all behave with a kind of tender feeling and well-meaning attitude after all for the film, having even joined poesy composition, this makes the film seem soft and have no injury. The film advocates to traditional moral concept and embodiment. Make film apt to accept by people, director superb lay out skill and film application of language make the film very attractive too. Criminal Minds dvd
    Success with commercial for film content of the film has given security, and the treatment on director's art makes the film more excellent, this is reason that the film succeeds. It was the box-office hits the most in that year to become U.S.A. in < Forrest Gump>. Supernatural DVD
      Tom ? Hanks very much sincere naturally performance having among film. He has obtained the laurel of the best actor of Oscar for the behavior in this film. This second movie emperor's money already whom he obtained in succession looks like. Success of < Forrest Gump>, make Tom Hanks become one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood too. To Tom Hanks, those two years are the luckiest period of time in his performing art careers.Cold Case dvd
    Acquire ? malik , from mumbai, is now being street young Indian police interrogation policies and torture. Reason is acquire attended a Indian version of "who wants to be a millionaire" live television program, the program can make people become millionaires overnight in his face, however one final question before, host is expose him cheating, reason is not choose host acquire during the rest time to his answer, when not logical course, acquire denied.MI5 dvd
    In explaining why can perfect right at the same time, each question acquire life also in our eyes slowly unfolding. He speaks up know one Hollywood stars, were killed in a religious conflict with the mother, and his brother's sand how she met pull card fu budding pinto da diggs, the devotion of his life. Three homeless young man was an orphanage asylum, daily to begging. But the orphanage chief but want to blind their eyes to increase income, so they beg fled. They climbed the train pulled in the slow because she card run was left behind, the sand on the train's original have caught her hands, but suddenly in a flash intentionally left my grip, watched pull again by the orphanage she card people grasp to go to. Two brothers lived down near the taj mahal, to acquire temporarily to tourists, and provide a guide service, and street gangs's sand steal passengers took possessions.
    But she was to pull the acquire thoughts and not for card reduced the passage of time. Eventually he persuaded back to mumbai's sand for pull together, but she card makes him even though a series of changes she saw pull again, but lost card ─ ─ she was her gang boss taken away
    Childhood; And also became a gangster's brother sand a I met your mother dvd
    Then thought to acquire this TV program because he knows it is pull favorite program she card, she must have seen him. At this time, with his of god acquire experiences broke another hurdle, lie between with 20 million rupees in between acquire the, only one last question.
    The police think the story "although acquire strange, but plausible", hence let him go back to compete. Pull on TV she card and saw him, sand, Tim this time also awaken to pull with the phone, she trucks key to push her to go find acquire. The last question is "please say the third musketeers name", acquire don't know the answer, his use of the telephone for help, he wants to answer he's brother sand, the phone is the only know of his brother in their childhood, and that is common studied the text. Phone call to his brother's is, answering baingio pull she card. Acquire hear her voice very exciting, but pull she card also don't know the answer. So the answer to a guess acquire, as picking the answer to the question, destined to he guessed it... While Tim sand to make they lived happily together with gang boss, also perishes together.The Simpsons dvd
    That night, she was eventually acquire and pull at the train station. Each card They smooches, indifferent, jack shall have Jill.

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