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    The upcoming" big sun"


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    The upcoming" big sun" Empty The upcoming" big sun"

    Post  babycanread123 on Fri May 06, 2011 1:58 am

    Drama introduction

    The film tells the 5 · 12 wenchuan earthquake, a pair of losing a child in an earthquake, a new life for pregnant couple of hardships twists and fate story. Film figured a plain and great mother image, reflected the people of disaster areas strong, optimistic and positive human nature glory and spiritual world.
    Shooting behind-the-scenes
    24 dvd
    Battle for deceased father shooting soldiers

    Not only the "two mother-child", there are real two father and son YangYaZhou: director YangBo executive director and field. In YangBo, 27, a bow mouth middle school swirl, deeply moved his own father.
    the office dvd
    Heavy rains and mudslides, rugged mountain roads... "The big sun" in addition to the first scene, is a fully earthquake live film, XuWenGuang and YangYaZhou tend to say, it is they filmed natural conditions of the worst a play. "Sometimes people are helpless in front of god," thus says YangYaZhou YangBo swirl, mentioned in the last game play mouth high school after the deep bow: "everyone walked, I turn head and see him in to the ruins bow. He bowed out of the bow, the heart of all of us, we would like to thank the person is too much."
    House MD dvd
    The 27-year-old YangBo, 18 far go to New Zealand director professional, learn to learn after returning YangYaZhou, become the right-hand man. The bow, and he sat on the edge of minjiang river, barely look distant tone low: "we play to be able smoothly finish clap, besides want to thank these victims parents, also have to thank these gone people. This is not director derived, not writers manmade, most natural touched and shocked."
    Producer interview

    Don't expect box-office convey changes
    The Tudors dvd
    According to "the big sun shooting" plan, was scheduled in the middle of August in yingxiu hold there over 100 media to the grand commencement ceremony. But "8 · 13" mud-rock flow, let boot time fully delayed half a month, 8 late morning in chengdu accept, exclusive interview with XuWenGuang said: "August 12th, we have trapped in dujiangyan fundamental out not the door." "The big sun" is a commercial movie, the theme of what is expected of box office do? XuWenGuang said, cast for box-office do anything not expected, but he believes that the movie will cause some degree of sensation: "even without charge, we as particle descendants, also rightness get Chinese conscience." XuWenGuang says a full-length play is showing the wenchuan a new things, disaster area "new" is they want something passed to the national audience.
    Entourage dvd
    As a director, YangYaZhou think the value of the great central sun is not the discretion of the box office, but that penetrate the love. This among them, have pain also have hope, both wenchuan people of gratitude also have their self-renewal spirit.

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