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    Post  babycanread123 on Tue May 10, 2011 1:51 am

    Starring: teri hatcher, Eva longoria, Martha Thea croce, fe li west mention hoffman
    Several: 153 sets
    Type: family, ethics, comedy
    Major awards: the globes
    People's choice awards
    The screen actors guild awards
    American teen choice award
    House MD dvd
    "Desperate housewives" by American broadcasting company is began in October 2004, in the TV broadcast Sunday evening at nine. The story is set in the United States -- a fictional town scenery town, described the beauty town five housewife wisteria lane married life, quarterly plot also has new lines and housewife to join.Dexter dvd
    The United States has won many single week viewing charts, and swept America's great multiple awards ceremony. The Desperate Housewives of the title of "quickly formed a drenched the cultural phenomenon, driving the magazines and the despair, crazy talk show the housewife agitation, more in over 130 countries and regions broadcast.
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    Plot synopsis: desperate housewife 1: the story to a quick start, appetizing for audience appetite, housewife Mary Alice, morning before in off the husband and children, ready to breakfast, bought clothes, made his routine household chores, and took out a bulldog... Since then she as a town of all the observer, the behavior of the peaceful coldly, calm voice let person well disposed, let a person remember the same sex and city. In voice-over Mary Bree four good friend, Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle packed up her belongings in the time but found a letter the day in her suicide letter received mysterious. The top write:Entourage dvd
    I have you did I 'm sorry to going up. Bree is a perfect wife, but her husband Rex will then put forward and her divorce, Rex is the reason he can't stand the Bree build on a surface, the perfect family life everywhere Rex is actually otherwise secrets don't they hide. Bree's son Andrew is typical in adolescence rebellious would try to boy, made an another trouble, really made Bree headache. Susan has a secondary school considerate daughter, and her husband divorced before long, meet the handsome plumber Mike, just discover oneself is how need a love. Ghost Whisperer dvd

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