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    "Captain jack" and "kung fu panda" came


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    "Captain jack" and "kung fu panda" came Empty "Captain jack" and "kung fu panda" came

    Post  babycanread123 on Thu May 12, 2011 2:35 am

    The cannes star-studded, the judging panel is Hollywood veteran star Robert deniro, the judges like uma Thurman and Jude lothrop is also big star. This year also there are a lot of big Hollywood film "propaganda, opening in the future of MingDao midnight Paris is new woody Allen, please go to the French first lady bruni-sarkozy, noted.
    Entourage dvd
    Another meryl streep made her first will also join she starred in "iron lady" to cannes. Competition thriller tree of life "starring brad Pitt, Sean Penn appearance red carpet premiere. But "kung fu panda 2", "pirates of the Caribbean 4" Hollywood star brings more. 11, "kung fu panda 2" in cannes do small show, Angelina jolie, jack black, etc are present. The other big news is "pirates of the Caribbean 4", "captain jack" Johnny Depp, with a slice of lover Penelope cruz appear together.
    Ghost Whisperer dvd
    Previously, dreamworks animation advertises "kung fu panda 2" has first launched a series of media activities. Although the film in April of Los Angeles had a small media KanPian, but the treasure and partners in cannes appear again this film festival is still a grand opera. It is reported, Angelina jolie, dustin hoffman, jack black luxury dubbing squad 13 will arrive cannes situation.Dexter dvd
    "Kung fu panda 2" in audiovisual present, let the Chinese elements especially BaoPeng chengdu elements. In the beginning of the first episode, the movie USES some outgoing hand-painted animation let people quite feel fresh and new. Sequel beginning is more directly into a Chinese paper-cut shadow puppets. With "Chinese accent" narrator plus full of classical music, let the audience the breath of early into a state. Because of the cartoon, so film 3D effect a few no picky. Many beautiful ornate panorama of scenery, combined with Hans JiMo build soundtrack epic adventure, make the film has the momentum.
    The Simpsons dvd
    Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "(Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) and released three of new concept art design, this is black beard and black beard daughter deadly card and missionaries Philip.
    Boston Legal dvd
    "Black beard" (Blackbeard), by Ian McShane) : mike Sean (the Ian play, he is "Anna queen," captain, revenge is notorious pirates.
    Grey's Anatomy on dvd
    "Angie Sally card" (Angelica), by Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz) plays, she is the daughter of black beard, captain jack sugar daddy.
    the l word dvd
    "Missionaries Philip" (Philip), by the British actor Sam carat Finn (Sam Claflin) play, is also looking for fountain of youth team, and a member of the French actress gil ast li DE bogs looms frei Astrid Reese's bei () as Frisbey Berges - SaiLinNa (Syrena) the mermaid for a KuangShi love.
    The Big Bang Theory dvd
    Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "will be on May 20 global cinema, domestic login a sword don't cut will in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D cinema synchronous Calvin.

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